Monday, April 27, 2015

It's that time again...

Tomorrow, April 28, 2015. I will start my 30 Day Media Fast. I will return on May 28, 2015. This means no television (broadcast, Netflix, or YouTube), no social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Blogger, etc), and no internet radio. It's always a little difficult because I'm very active online because that is how I sell and promote my art.

I will be checking my email and text messages. Can't get around that one. I will also be doing a planner class but that will be done through email.

I do this fast twice a year. I always feel so refreshed when I come back.

20 Things I hope to accomplish during my break.

  • 1. Finish 10 new pieces of art. 
  • 2. Read an entire book from start to finish. I've abandoned so many books in recent months. 
  • 3. Work in my garden. 
  • 4. Do more spiritual reflecting. 
  • 5. Clean and organize my home from top to bottom. 
  • 6. Get more exercise. 
  • 7. Work on some sewing projects. 
  • 8. Try to detail my car. Should be fun. It needs a deep cleaning. 
  • 9. Work on my ‪#‎pma‬ 180 project.
  • 10. Keep an art journal for myself.
  • 11. Start a daily sketch/doodle journal.
  • 12. Romp around with my kids.
  • 13. No spending.
  • 14. Learn about the plants and trees that grow on our property.
  • 15. Smile and say hello to people.
  • 16. Sleep more.
  • 17. Try some new recipes.
  • 18. Break out some board games and puzzles.
  • 19. Take the boys to the park more.
  • 20. To actually appreciate this life and relax more. 
For those that have my number feel free to contact me via text or call if you need to get a hold of me. Also if you prefer you can email me See you when I get back.


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