Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'm back...

I’m back. Well rested and revitalized. With new focus on what’s important. I managed to complete most of my “Aspirations” although I did have to make in the moment changes. Change is good. And acceptance to change is even better.

 I’ve decided to keep all social media off of my cell phone. With my ADD it was too easy to get sucked in and was constantly losing track of time. Also I’m an empath and was getting too overwhelmed by all the negativity online. I will be posting from my desktop which is in my painting studio. Away from my home. Only using it for work.

 I completed one new drawing which I will be listing on ebay soon. I did sketch almost daily in my personal journal. I rediscovered my love for reading books. And read a book completely. This is huge for me. Haven’t done that in a very long time. I worked outside a lot. Played with my kids. Learned about the plants and trees around me. I enjoyed the most mundane moments and actually talked to people.

So what's new with you? What did I miss?

Thanks for stopping by.


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